Nailine Tratamiento de Uñas: Amargo

Ideal treatment for those who bite their nails

  • Prevent nail biting
  • Fast drying
  • For all nail types

With 2 active ingredients to avoid and prevent nail or cuticle biting:

  • Denatonium Benzoate: strong bitter taste.
  • Garlic extract: antiseptic & scentless

To soothe nails and restore nail’s suppleness, the formula contains Vitamin E and Calcium Panthotenate (hydrating and anti-oxidizing).
With UV filter to prevent decoloration and yellowing.

  • Aplicar una o dos capas sobre las uñas directamente o sobre el esmalte dos veces por semana hasta que las uñas recuperen su estado normal.
  • Periodo de vida útil desde que se abre el envase por primera vez (PAO):


Butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, mek, cellulose acetate propionate, isopropyl alcohol, adipic acid / neopentyl glycol / trimellitic anhydride copolymer, denatonium benzoate, n-butyl alcohol, propylene glycol, aqua, tocopheryl acetate, calcium panthotenate, allium sativum bulb extract, CI 60725.

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Bottle 12ml

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