• Maxlook Pinza con Forma
  • Maxlook Lima con Forma
  • Files: the metallic grain, of great durability, allows to file and shape the nails. Its design and materials provide homogeneous shape to the nails. It allows to file in a smooth and comfortable way.
  • Tweezers: ideal for hair removal. Its oblique tip allows precise and fast epilation.
  1. Files: file following the natural shape of the nails and always in the same direction. To get a square tip, keep the file perpendicular and straight. For a rounded or oval finish, place the file at an angle below the free edge of the nails and file the corners well.
  2. Tweezers: gently pull in the same direction of hair growth as close to the root as possible.


  • CLEANING TIP: Wash it with soap and water. Dry well to remove moisture. You can also use a disposable paper impregnated with alcohol.
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