Maxlook Lima Cristal Naranja
  • Hygiene: They do not absorb moisture and are easy to sterilize
  • Resistance: made of Tempered Czech glass, almost unbreakable
  • Long life: polished surface is guaranteed for life
  • Security: the edges of the files have been polished by hand
  • Functionality: manicure, pedicure, removal of hardness, …

Thanks to the use of special technology in the manufacture of the glass, our nail files are exceptional compared to others. The filing surface has a unique and smooth structure that protects the nail from any damage. It is impossible to achieve this type of structure in a normal file other than glass.

They are easily sterilizable using traditional methods, thus avoiding the spread of infections or fungi.

  1. Round nails: it is a very common shape. It is about growing the nail and filing the edges giving a rounded shape. They are very practical since they break less and hardly get hooked.
  2. Oval nails: they are achieved by giving them the most elongated shape and filing the edges more, it is a very elegant and feminine type of nail. To give them this shape it is convenient to have a longer nail length.
  3. Almond-shaped nails: resembles the oval shape but sharpens more at the tip, simulating the shape of an almond.
  4. Pointed nails: (or stiletto) stylize the fingers and are ideal for thicker or wider-fingered hands. In addition they evoke us to times past as they have a retro air, like a movie.
  5. Square nails: They are very easy to get because you just have to file straight, without further complication.
  6. Square nails with rounded corners: if you wear square nails and your corners break a lot, choose better to round them.
  7. Square oval nails: if we file the oval nails and then file them straight at the tip, we will achieve this shape.
  8. Arched nails: they are achieved by filing the sides of the nail very straight and then giving it a semicircular shape at the tip. To wear this shape also requires a considerable length of nail.

File maintenance:

  • Wash your file to remove dust and it will be like new again. Always carry it in its protective case (plastic) to prevent unexpected breakages. Avoid dropping it on a hard surface.
  • Wash your file with hot water, using a sponge if you prefer. Other possible methods such as boiling water, infrared lamps, autoclave or detergents are mostly used in professional nail salons.
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