At Farmedco Internacional, S.A. quality and close cooperation with the customer are key factors. The quality of the products must be of the highest standard, and the cooperation with the customer is important to enable us to create an optimal product that satisfies our customers´ standards.

Product innovation, the catalyst for sustainable growth in the cosmetics market, is essential in our company. As your partner in cosmetics marketing, we are constantly seeking improvements and innovations in materials, product features, claims, perfumes and packaging. Our cosmetics marketing specialists analyze and translate all the relevant trends to optimize your concepts.

As a parapharmaceutical specialist, we proactively brainstorm with our customers and suggest possible new concepts. Our Marketing & Sales team works closely with Research & Development to facilitate the successful introduction of new concepts.

Farmedco Internacional, S.A. closely monitors developments and trends in the national and international cosmetics market. Based on that knowledge, we create added value for you. We also value intensive contact between our clients and ourselves. Mutual trust and the sharing of knowledge and experience are very important to the success of the tailor-made concepts we offer.

As a full service partner, our strategy is aimed at optimal involvement and expert support during the development of new products. From the initial concept to the product launch, you know exactly what the starting points and goals are and the current status of the process. With each new project, our aim is to exceed your expectations!

Actively participating as a sales and marketing partner. With the emphasis on a productive partnership. Founded on years of experience and knowledge in the dynamic world of cosmetic products. Those qualities form the basis for honest and comprehensive advice and professional support. With a common goal: surprising the market with new concepts and the successful positioning of high quality products.